2021 Awardees

University & Open – Gold Award

Daryl Lim You Quan

Co-Founder, Augmentus

Daryl is the co-founder of Augmentus. Prior to his work in Augmentus, Daryl served as the head of product and operations in Edge Neo, a computing distribution company that was the largest technology provider for blockchain encryption solutions in SEA. Daryl has experience in finance, growth, and digital marketing processes during his time in Citibank and Seagate Technology, where he was recognized as a top growth executive. Through his entrepreneurial excellence, Daryl has been featured on Channel News Asia, Straits Times, and is often invited to speak and mentor at entrepreneurship conferences.

Augmentus is an AI-robotics software company that offers the first no-code and fully-integrated robot programming platform. We enable non-technical users to program industrial robots in minutes instead of months through an intuitive graphical interface on an iPad that eliminates the need for coding and CAD files in robot teaching. Our clients include some of the world’s leading robot manufacturers and automation providers where we empower manufacturers to recoup ROI faster by lowering the time, cost, and skill barriers in industrial automation.

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