2021 Awardees

Impact Entrepreneur of the Year

Gabriel Tan

Founder, Bamboo Builders

Gabriel Tan I-Ren is Founder of Bamboo Builders, an educational social enterprise that nurtures confident leaders to change communities through social entrepreneurship. With 14 years of experience, Gabriel has led international teams to engage multiple stakeholders in creating systemic change. Gabriel has done both for/non-profit consulting, and was trained in Design Thinking by Tandemic, trusted by UNDP, UNICEF and Microsoft. 

A certified trainer by the Ministry of Education and CultureLink Canada on mentoring vulnerable youth, Gabriel was named Singapore’s Top 35 inspiring entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by EDGE. His most recent project involves building a vocational training centre for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).

Bamboo Builders is a raiSE-registered social enterprise that builds social entrepreneurs. Since 2017, we have been working with schools and individuals in Singapore and Southeast Asia to build confident, future-ready leaders of character who are community-grounded, yet relevant for the ASEAN region. 

To date, Bamboo Builders has successfully incepted 9 social enterprises, 5 in Singapore, and 4 of which are in rural Vietnam and Myanmar. It has also trained more than 500 young adults from seven countries, initiating more than 20 social projects regionally. In Singapore, Bamboo Builders’ food waste program has diverted more than 2730kg of food to beneficiaries in need .

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