2021 Award Winner l Gavriel Tan

2021 Awardees

Post-Secondary Educational Institutes – Gold Award

Gavriel Tan

Co-Founder, Altimate Foods Pte. Ltd. 

Gavriel is a graduating student from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma with Merit in Biotechnology and a Diploma Plus in Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Gavriel took part in the exclusive Entrepreneurship Immersion Programme (EIP) in his school which allowed him to co-found his start-up Altimate Nutrition, a food-tech start-up creating sustainable food products using alternative proteins derived from insects.  As the Co-Founder of Altimate Nutrition, Gavriel led the start-up to win several business competitions such as the iDARE Entrepreneurial Challenge 2021 and to be featured in notable media outlets like The Straits Times, CNA, and Lianhe Zaobao. 

Altimate Nutrition is Singapore‚Äôs first company to create insect food products for humans. Through extensive R&D and proprietary food technologies, Altimate Nutrition converts extracted cricket flour to food products that are tasty, nutritious, and sustainable. In doing so, Altimate Nutrition aims to alleviate key social issues like food insecurity, climate change, and hunger. Insect protein is the sustainable protein of the future as they require significantly fewer bio-resources like up to 2000x less water to produce the same amount of protein as high-end beef. They are also nutritious in a myriad of nutrients like protein, vitamin B12, and iron. Therefore, Altimate Nutrition aims to harness the benefits of cricket farming to bring the protein of the future to the world today. 

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