2021 Awardees

*SCAPE Most Innovative Entrepreneur

The Awardee for *SCAPE’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur, Aww Media, has clearly demonstrated their resilience in these trying times brought forth by Covid-19. To stay relevant, Aww Media had to innovate it’s usual business norms by taking a different spin to their production whilst maintaining their flare. On top of that, Aww Media has continued to create a positive impact by nurturing youths by engaging them in their talent development pipeline.

Gina Cheong

Co-Founder, Aww Media Pte Ltd

Gina ventured into the media industry back in 2017 when she joined forces with her partner to start Aww Media together. Prior to joining Aww Media, she dabbled in many different areas ranging from marketing, events management to sales. With a background in Accounting, she took on the challenge to handle the business side of things in the company, while her partner focused on the creative and technical aspect of the business. She found passion in what she was doing and has never looked back ever since. 

Aww Media is a boutique video production company that specialises in musically driven edits. The company aims to create aww-some & engaging videos that evoke aww-thentic emotions in the viewers. Their clientele list includes government agencies such as Ministry of Health, schools, hospitals such as Mount Elizabeth Novena, corporate clients like Disney, Uniqlo and more. 

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