2021 Awardees

University & Open – Silver Award

Johann Wah

CEO, Co-Founder, Man’s Best Friend 

Johann is a Year 3 student at Yale-NUS College and currently majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Johann’s background primarily lies in the technology sector, where he has interned for companies such as Amazon Web Services as well as overseas startups such as LeanData in Silicon Valley and Cover Genius. Johann loves to build products, solve tough problems and believes in learning by doing. Thus, despite being in school full-time, Johann also spends a significant amount of time applying things he has learnt on a startup he co-founded called Man’s Best Friend (MBF), where he hopes to connect more companies and individuals with sustainable alternatives to their everyday apparel. 

MBF is a B2B Sustainable Procurement Service Provider that specializes in sustainably sourced apparels, which integrates nanotechnology to greatly enhance their natural properties. This allows for extreme anti-bacterial & anti-odour characteristics that can last for days without washing despite heavy activity and sweating. Our apparels have helped our clients to greatly improve comfort and functionality for their employees, especially those who work long hours. We also provide carbon footprint and water savings analyses for our apparel subscriptions which can aid our client’s CSR efforts, as well as being easily inserted into a client’s sustainability reports.

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