Celebrate the achievements of youth entrepreneurs on a national level and recognises their contributions to the Singapore startup ecosystem.

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- For The People-

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown had caused a severe economic impact on our society. Startups are not spared; they face funding crunches, the stresses of payroll, and loss of customers. Many entrepreneurs have been severely impacted by financial loss, anxiety, and depression.
If this is not handled effectively, our innovation and enterprise ecosystem may not recover to its former vibrancy ever.

Therefore, it is essential to encourage a positive mindset, grit, and embracing the challenge. It is important to band together, celebrate all success big or small, and support each other in their entrepreneurial journey during this daunting time.

Hence, in 2021, we would like to recognise youths who raised to the occasion, created innovative and inspiring solutions that help the people in our society cope with the situation and diligently build towards a more robust and inclusive community, leaving no one behind.


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