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2022 Judging Criteria

The desirable attributes of the awardee should be one who demonstrates innovative and leadership traits. The awardee must quantify his/her solutions’ impact (assumptions must also be stated) and substantiate his/her claims with evidence.

The judging criteria consist of 4 parts, namely Innovative Solution, Achievement and Contribution, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Presentation & Depth of Understanding:

1. Innovative Solution

The nominee should:
  – Have a logical flow of argument on problem clarification, approach taken, benefit to users and competitive advantage (and limitation) compared to other solutions. The data should be granular, credible, and cited when necessary
  – Present and quantify the financial impact of its solution, in terms of
       – Revenue potential to be generated against the cost of solution implementation
       – Cost-saving potential to be recovered against the cost of solution implementation
  – Present and demonstrates social responsibility in his/her business or at school

2. Achievement and Contribution

The nominee should share at least one (1) of the following:
– Awards in school, national or international entrepreneurship competitions and hackathons
– Held positions in school/ national entrepreneurship societies
– Volunteering experiences for entrepreneurship outreach events
– Initiating new efforts for community building and knowledge sharing

3. Entrepreneurial Spirit

The nominee should:
– Provide credentials on leadership roles and responsibility taken
– Be able to share on a situation/experience where he/she demonstrates the quality of perseverance and/or resilience to overcome adversity and setbacks
– Be able to share a viable vision of the youth entrepreneurship scene in Singapore in 5 years with SMART goals.

4. Presentation & Depth of Understanding

The nominee should:
– Keep to the time limit of 5 minutes including use of relevant aides such as videos, mock-ups, models, graphs, simulations etc. to relay the message effectively to the audience
– During the Question and Answer of the presentation, the nominee should
– Answer questions directly and concisely to address most questions within the time limit of 3 minutes
– Be ready to dive deep into technical details, but only when required