2021 Awardees

University & Open – Bronze Award

Sean Neo

Co-Founder, Crunch Cutlery

Sean has been advocating for sustainability practices in various aspects for years, which was one of the key reasons that inspired him to start Crunch Cutlery alongside with his Co-founders, Anna and Ezra. As the head of Sales, he has an extensive network of F&B partners that he works closely with, to introduce the innovative concept of edible cutlery to customers. In time to come, he aspires to turn Crunch into a norm that is easily accessible at all F&B establishments.

Crunch Cutlery, is on a mission to solve the problems of plastic waste and poor urban nutrition by encouraging people to eat their cutleries with regular meals. Our company has taken the idea of Edible Cutlery and supercharged it into a nutritious and delicious solution.  We are currently selling our first product version – CRUNCH Spoons – made into fun flavours and supercharged with superfoods such as golden flax, chia seeds and whole wheat for a boost of Omega 3, Vitamin B3, Lignans and Fibre with every bite!

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